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Woodland Floral
Sisters, OR 97759

p: 541-280-9982

Member Since: April 2013

Categories: Weddings | Flowers Floral

Today there are countless moving pieces to planning a wedding or event, figuring out your flowers shouldn’t be one of them. We have experience in everything from formal wedding designs to whimsical natural pieces, and everything in between. Some brides have specific visions, incorporating their favorite flowers and colors. Other brides prefer to share their vision and hand over the details to an expert. Whatever experience you desire in creating your floral vision, Woodland Floral can provide. 

We know that budgets are not something to be taken lightly. You can feel confident that we will craft beautiful floral arrangements that bring your vision to life, all while respecting your financial wishes. Being a studio based florist, Woodland Floral can focus on one event at a time, giving your day the care and attention it deserves.


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